SOLVED: Qemu: Could not open backing file '': Permission denied

Setting up an OpenNebula server, and receiving the following permissions error. Using a ZFS pool for the datastore. Opennebula automatically creates datastores on /var/lib/one/datastores/. The suggested method I’ve found is create a symlink for each datastore, and map to the zfs pool (106 shown below).

I’ve seen some suggestions with changing the user qemu runs as (I’ve tried oneadmin and root), still get the same error. As you can see below, the oneadmin:oneadmin has access to datstore file.

Drop any suggestions below. Thanks!

Permissions issue was related to apparmor, not an ownership or chown issue.

  • Create a file at /etc/apparmor.d/turnables/home.d/opennebula with the following content


  • Restart the apparmor service sudo systemctl restart apparmor