Move-Item and Keep Folder Structure in Powershell

I’m not the greatest with powershell. I’m trying to scan a shared folder for any “obsolete” folders. I want to move these folders to archive, and retain the folder structure. Our folder structure kinda goes \\fileserver\engineering\jobs\customers\project with a obsolete folder inside. I just want to move folder structure starting at “customers” since I already have existing customer folders on the archive.

Code should work something like this…

# $path passed in as argument
# Get all folders called "Obsolete"
$allFolders = Get-ChildItem $path -Directory -Recurse -Force -Filter "Obsolete"

ForEach ($folder in $allFolders) {
    # Move customer\project\obsolete to \\filearchive\engineering\jobs\customer\project\obsolete
    Move-Item $folder -Destination $destination

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!